Clean Up Wipes, 1-Ply, 8 x 7, Citrus Scent, White, 24/Canister, 4 Canisters/Carton


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Harness the cleaning power of Goo Gone® in a convenient wipe. Eliminate your sticky, gooey, gummy problems without harming your surface. The gentle, non-abrasive formula is safe for daily use. Safe for use on latex painted walls, wallpaper, wood flooring and furniture, laminate flooring and countertops, carpet, ceramic tile, glass, stainless steel and granite. Tough task wipes are recommended for cleaning scuff marks, masking tape residue, ink spills, paint tree sap, stickers, gum, glue, markers and crayon. Ideal for quick clean-ups, with an easy to take on-the-go canister. Citrus powered cleansing wipes get the job done without damage. Towel/Wipe Type: Pre-Moistened Wipes; Application: Basements; Bathrooms; Kitchens; Living Rooms; Outdoor Patios; Applicable Material: Carpet; Ceramic Flooring; Countertops; Glass; Granite; Laminate; Painted Walls; Stainless Steel; Wood Flooring; Material(s): Nonwoven Fiber.

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