about bsc supply

BSC Supply is an industry specialist for Automotive, Healthcare and 3D Printing, We build strong relationships with our clients and offer them industry specific products. We pride ourselves on our growing team of Account Managers who are experts in their fields and are dedicated to our customers. Our selection of 40,000 plus skus, include hard to find products, customized products, in addition to the core office products.
1983 marked the beginning of BSC, when the company was founded in a residential home in Lincoln, MA. The company moved in 1986 to accommodate more staff for a growing business. In 2013, we vastly grew our business model, incorporating new vertical markets, and we moved to a larger space in Waltham, MA that could facilitate the continuing growth of our company.

In 2021 we moved to class A office space in Southborough, MA to help reduce commute time for our staff.