Oil Pastel Set With Carrying Case, 12 Assorted Colors, 0.38" dia x 2.38", 12/Set


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An exciting medium for artists of all ages. Clear, rich, fade-resistant color applies smoothly. Blends easily for subtle shades, tints and color mixtures. For use on board, paper or canvas. Set builds on colors in the 12-color assortment. 12-Color Set—black, brown, cobalt blue, gray, green, lime yellow, orange, pale blue, pale orange, red, white, yellow green. Color(s): Assorted; Color Family: Multicolor; Assortment: (4) Gray; (4) Black; Blue; Blue Green; Brown; Chrome Yellow; Cobalt Blue; Crimson Lake; Dark Carmine; Dark Green; Deep Green; Green; Green Gray; Hyacinth Violet; Indian Red; Lemon Yellow; Lime Yellow; Naples Yellow; Ochre; Old Rose; Olive Green; Orange; Pale Blue; Pale Brown; Pale Green; Pale Vermillion; Pink; Purple Red; Rose Madder; Salmon Pink; Scarlet; Ultramarine; Ultramarine Light; Vandyke Brown; Violet; Vermillion; White; Yellow; Yellow Gray; Yellow Green; Yellow Ochre; Yellow Orange; Number of Colors: 45.

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